A native of the Seattle area, Cole Jacobs spent his teenage years and early twenties playing in various rockabilly and nu-wave bands in Northwest venues. When he discovered the hard bop sound of Blue Note records, however, it was growth and expansion time. Wanting to give himself more opportunities, Cole moved to Los Angeles in the early nineties, and was able to move his career to a higher level. In the ensuing years, Cole has been fortunate enough to not only do some studio work but to perform with several high profile artists in the pop, jazz, and contemporary jazz genres. When not traveling incognito, wearing his multi-colored ascot on the French Riviera or cleaning restrooms, Cole finds inspriation reminiscing about his '68 Dodge Polara, watching "Green Acres" and Jerry Lewis movies (his favorites are The Nutty Professor, The Patsy and Cinderfella),and anything with Frank Gorshin in it. Favorite Actor: Patrick McGoohan Best Dressed Actors: Bill Cosby and Robert Culp on "I Spy" Favorite "Dragnet" Episode: The one where Joe wears a red cardigan, goes to night school, and has a "rap session" with the teacher. Cole also loves cowboy stuff. Although he's never so much as been on a horse, he does actually own a cowboy hat! He takes it out once a year, puts it on and looks in the mirror, realizes again how dumb he looks in a cowboy hat, and puts it away again for another year.